Why We Need This Ordinance

We Need this Ordinance Because of Irresponsible Elected Officials

Coos County has experienced sustained and significant economic decline in recent decades due to ill-advised and non-sustainable development policies. Elected officials like Coos County Commissioner Melissa Cribbins and Coos Bay Mayor Joe Bennetti will NOT defend the fundamental rights of their constituents but DO defend corporate privilege.

Jordan Cove LNG would become the single largest greenhouse gas emitter in the entire state of Oregon and use eminent domain to take US citizens property. Owned by a Canadian firm, the company will take private property from US citizens to benefit Canadian shareholders. Yet corporate defenders Cribbins and Bennetti will not protect local landowners or citizens from harmful effects of natural gas production and transportation.

In addition, Coos County has been used as a resource colony by outside interests and experienced firsthand the harmful effects of unchecked resource extraction and recognize that investments in non-sustainable energy systems like the LNG pipeline and export terminal will damage Coos County.

We need this ordinance because we cannot depend upon elected officials to protect us from corporations so we have to do it ourselves.

Ocean Acidification Almost Destroyed 3000 Jobs

Global warming induced ocean acidification almost destroyed the shellfish hatchery industry. As a major emitter of methane and CO2, the operation of projects like Jordan Cove LNG threatens thousands of jobs.

In 2007 and 2008, the whole operation was nearly shut down.

Something changed in the waters of Netarts Bay, which Whiskey Creek uses to spawn oysters. Their output was reduced by nearly 75 percent each year. A hatchery out of business would have had a substantial impact on the oyster industry.

The Washington Shellfish Initiative estimated that shellfish growers employ, directly and indirectly, more than 3,200 people across the Pacific Northwest with an economic impact around $270 million.